The Wydown Coffee Bar Blesses U Street With a Real Coffee Shop. Finally.

The first sign of a good coffee shop is when it only stocks 2 percent, whole or soy milk.

The second sign — no syrups.

Inside The Wydown

Inside the pop-up location on U Street between 13th and 14th streets.

The Wydown Coffee Bar, named after a boulevard in St. Louis, isn’t messing around.

It’ll soon ditch its pop-up location on U Street, where it opened its doors 8 weeks ago, for a permanent home on 14th Street next door to Trader Joe’s in the new Louis at 14 development.

Co-owned by two brothers from St. Louis, The Wydown is the third coffee shop in an area that has underserved the coffee culture for way too long. It’ll be the second shop on 14th Street with a drip bar when it moves to its new location in December, only blocks from Peregrine Espresso.

The biggest difference between Peregrine and Wydown? Wydown has seating. And that’s huge.

While its pop-up location only has two outlets for day-long laptop junkies to latch onto, the open, warehouse-like space with chalkboard walls, a tree-trunk table with picnic tables and bowling alley benches on either side, is already making serious coffee shop goers feel at home.

Wydown serves homemade muffins, scones and breads, alongside French pastries from Georgetown’s Patisserie Poupon.

The shop’s co-owner, Alex, says The Wydown was named so customers would ask about its origin and thereby leave with a positive image of St. Louis.

It’s soon to do that and more in one of the fastest developing areas in the District.

Follow them @thewydown for details of their move.


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