Iron Gate: Dupont Circle’s ‘Secret’ Alley Bar

Who knew Iron Gate was back on the restaurant circuit?

(Better question: who knew it was the District’s oldest continuously operating restaurant?)

Nevertheless, continue operating it has since the Neighborbood Restaurant Group took it over in November.

On the quiet strip of N Street, which is better known as the home to the much-beloved Tabard Inn, it’s easy to miss the line of knee-high lanterns introducing Churchkey’s new-and-improved sibling.

What used to be an alleyway to Iron Gate’s dark, stuffy dining room is now an indoor-outdoor bar donned with exposed brick and propane heaters — not to mention the best beer manager in the world, (so argues Jeff Faile, the restaurant’s proud manager).

The group’s latest addition mixes Greek and Southern Italy cuisine in what feels like a romantic, old-world English setting where the saganaki with sesame-covered feta cheese paring is to-die-for.

Get the rotisserie chicken and fennel sausage cannaloni, and go back for the Nicolaki and long ouzo list.


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