Bluejacket, Here’s a Tip: If You’ve Got It, Own It! (#NotReferringToYourBeer)

Remember when tapas use to be cool? Every new restaurant took the traditional Spanish pastime to trendify their Middle Eastern or Italian menu. But now, it’s tapas, tapas everywhere! You have to be good at being different to win over today’s foodies.

Bluejacket Brewery may brew twenty-something craft beers in a restored WWI-era Navy Yard industrial building, but where it’ll win is with its ice cream sandwich menu. Which, by the way, is only offered AT LUNCH.

Lunch in Southeast? Ha!


Carbonara with hen yolk (half order)

The Arsenal (Bluejacket’s restaurant) has an impressive menu with a less impressive hostess and wait staff.

I was quite pleased with the beef heart tartare and house-made pasta I shared for dinner Saturday night. (I was even happily surprised with the option to get a half order, which was just the right size.)

The two cranberry bread slices served with a tiny glass jar of honey butter whipped to perfection was just how I wanted to start my meal.

The way I wanted to end it was with an ice cream sandwich. #Fail

Bluejacket Brewery will be praised for being an anchor of gentrification for Navy Yard. It’ll also be where home craft beer brewers go to walk the rafters and dream, and where the new yuppies of Southeast go to be neighborly and watch football.

But when you can create a signature menu item other than mini donuts, fried pickles, or pickled tapas things, it’s where everyone will go.

If you’ve got it, own it. And if it’s already in your kitchen, serve it! An ice cream sandwich list should be on all of your menus, Bluejacket.

After all, why else would anyone hike to Southeast?


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